The Lodge

The Lodge on the knoll – hidden by trees and steep hillside, has a wonderful view of our local mountains. It is a stone structure built in 1901 by the same masons who pieced the famous Mount Washington Hotel.  It was the last of the grand lodges in Littleton.

The lodge has a serene porch with details that reflect the woodland setting.  In the Arts and Crafts style that is popular again today, the deep grains of the wood are reflected throughout the massive center atrium space and in trim work everywhere.  The simple lines, the attention to detail, the sturdy construction, and attention to proportion, all make remarkable discoveries at every turn.

stairway to lodge
Detail – notice in the picture above – the wooden columns on the porch are tree trunks.

The Porch

The serenity of the setting, the majesty of the mountains.  Some of the sharper minds of the 20th century sat on this porch – inspired by the setting.  William Brown Dickson, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, …Ken Curran.

As a place of inspiration and a gathering point for conversation, the setting still offers today the opportunity to reach beyond the limits of today into the potential of tomorrow.  If you sat here, what would you be inspired to think?  To create?

Highland Croft Foundation would like to ensure that people of today and tomorrow have this opportunity, to nurture our creative connection to nature in this accessible setting.

on the porch
Writer’s exchanges, music performance and inspiration, arts and ideas, conversation and inspiration…some of the possibilities…

Look inside ->>


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